Production team

11 Out of 1.3 Billion: Football in China is developed by d-film, AboutAsia and Bonanza films. An enthusiast team of China and football lovers! The team players, as listed below, are assisted by many more people during the several stages of development.

We welcome all kinds of support and input, do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas.


  • D-FILM - David Lingerak – camera, editing: (linkedin)
    Owning a film production studio aimed at commercial and documentary films, David has plenty experience with filming abroad. In 2011 he filmed in Bolivia for a forthcoming documentary. In 2010 he filmed and edited “Urbanisation in China; happiness is seen everywhere(see trailer) in and around Shanghai. This film, endorsed by the Dutch architectural fund, has been critically acclaimed and has won the award ‘Best Documentary’ on the Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival. In 2013 het completed the 5 part series “In China”, about Dutch architects working in China. These films are published on ArchiNed.
  • Sun Ruowen – production, interviews: (linkedin)
    Ruowen has proven her excellent communication skills while working for “Urbanisation in China“. As a native speaker she knows (like no westerner does) how to get things done in China. Her interview qualities are outstanding and she is very curious about the perspective of the ‘average Chinese citizen’ on football. Ruowen is looking forward to expose the opinions of Chinese football fans and children on the streets that imagine to become big football stars when they grow up.

  • About Asia - Michiel Roosjen - production, network: (linkedin)
    Michiel is China-advisor for European companies in various industries and works for a Chinese radio and television station as presenter. While working for Dutch premier league football clubs he gained knowledge about Chinese professional football. Michiel knows China: He worked, lived and studied (Mandarin) there. Whenever you take a taxi in China, the ‘shifu’ (driver) is always interested in one’s nationality. When you tell the shifu that you’re from Holland, they always refer to the living legends in football, such as Johan Cruijff and Marco van Basten. Michiel feels that this small friendly chat makes both him and the shifu feel comfortable, eventhough they are complete strangers. Michiel: “It seems that we understand what we are talking about and feel connected. In my opinion this indicates the enormous role football plays: It connects people”. He believes that positive developments in Chinese football are very important in bringing people closer together, within China, but also between countries with great cultural differences.

  • About Asia - Roel Sprangers - production, research(linkedinRoel has a Master degree in Contemporary Asian studies from the University of Amsterdam and over 5 years of work and living experience in Asia. In the past years he has worked as China consultant for his own consulting firm, has an extensive network in Eastern China, and a passion for football. Roel has worked in many Asian countries where football is popular, but he feels that none of these countries ever had the potential to become a football super-power. However, China seems to be different, it does have a long way to go, but we see that the economic growth is driving football-growth here. Chinese sports organizations are growing  along with the economy and foreign knowledge is imported and studied carefully. These factors combined are the reason that Roel believes that Chinese football is on the way to the top, eventhough it is a long term project. 

  • About Asia - Twan Roubroeks - production, planning: (linkedin)
    Twan has always liked football. As a young player he was scouted and invited to train with VVV Venlo (the Dutch Eredivisie club). Finally, he has chosen to pursue a career in economics and finance, and works as independent advisor for About Asia Business Consulting. But as the love for sports has never left his mind, he is one of the brains behind this documentary. The combination of economic growth and sports seems to have an impact on China. The income gap that has grown so fast over the last years in China, is also visible in sports, especially when we try to get a complete picture of the  Chinese world of football. The contrast couldn’t be higher between the poor kids playing on the streets and the foreign super stars like Nicolas Anelka that earn over EUR 230.000 per week. This contrast fascinates Twan, and he wants to show the world what is happening in China.
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